O la-la… 1 hibiscus, 100 flowers, more than magic!

Would you like to have a whole summer beautiful flowers around your house? You will with this Hibiscus Tutti Frutti

The “Tutti Frutti’s” are new varieties of Hibiscus, in Latin also known as Hibiscus rosa sinensis. The Hibiscus Tutti Frutti varieties have unique colors that make you think of Italian icecream.  “Hibiscus, isn’t that the plant whose flowers are only open one day and whose buds easily drop?” Yes and no! Indeed, in general a hibiscus will only flower during one day, but the next day another flowerbud will unfold. You can call this a magnificent show by nature!  When you take good care of your hibiscus plant, it will continously form new buds which unfold every morning. This way you can have  dozens of beautiful flowers on your hibiscus in one of two seasons. That’s more than magic!

Will you take the challenge?

In this site you can read more about the unique colors of Hibiscus Tutti Frutti, and how you should take care of your plant to let it flourish. We hope you will be inspired by the pictures and you can enjoy your hibiscus even more.

Please let us know how your hibiscus is doing!